One of the reasons I keep going back to working with the MABECS team is their sheer openness in embracing new ideas and turning those ideas into action. From user research, to website content, to print booklets – I have really enjoyed working with the MABECS team because of their openness and determination.

In May 2018, Devina from MABECS approached me to revamp MABECS’ Corporate Profile.

She has been working with just a black-and-white document containing information on MABECS’ Board of Directors as she networks with potential partners. We got to work right away and agreed on the business objectives and main message of the Corporate Profile. Within a week, the design concept was birthed.

The final output is a four-page, A4-sized corporate profile using Art Card to enhance its first impression to partners. We kept it simple on the cover page rather than trying to pack everything in one page. The content design was carefully thought out to accommodate busy partners who are always on the go. As partners view the corporate profile, they would see the selling points of working with MABECS and the services that MABECS provide. This is customised according to what partners would need and expect, rather than simply duplicating content on MABECS website. The other pages are intentionally removed from this story to protect its confidentiality.

As a result of the targeted approach that we took in crafting the profile, Devina happily reports that their partners loved how simple the business proposition was. She also shared that it became very easy for her to gain new contracts with partners due to the simplicity of the corporate profile message.


Concept and copywriting by Pei Ling

Visual design by Edmund Chua